I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to driving – I have a list of bad experiences/excuses, including a car fire, which was followed within weeks by the courtesy car that turned out to have no spare tyre when I had a puncture whilst on a main road in the middle of Devon, a few hundred miles from home.  So, I had to have strong words with myself before setting off on the 40 mile journey into the unknown… well to The Maltings at Farnham, home of the yarny extravaganza that is Unravel.

My courage was rewarded by a great start to the day – standing in the queue and one of the stallholders came out and randomly gave me a free ticket!  Thank you very much to the folks at the Textile Garden who sell a very lovely range of buttons, ribbons and more.

The yarn/knitting theme was obvious from the start:


The theme continued within – even the ladies’ loo wasn’t forgotten:

There were many things to look at, from the weird to the wonderful:

And inevitably, I bought some goodies:

The main highlight for me was on the Threshing Barn’s stand – there was a Ladybug and a Matchless available to try so I had a go on a Matchless (nice, but not that much nicer than my Ladybug, which is great as I couldn’t afford one anyway)!  I also got to do some random enabling, just standing near the wheels singing their praises to anyone who’d listen.  Ladybugs will take over the world…


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