Free Patterns

I’d love to see your finished projects – do add them to the Ravelry project pages or leave me a comment.


Turn a jam jar into a Christmas Lantern with this quick-knit ‘jumper’

Jam Jar Lantern


Click here for the pattern page.


A sturdy felted shoulder bag that will withstand what life has to throw at it.

Click here for the pattern page:        The “Don’t Worry” Felted Shoulder Bag

Creme Egg Creatures

An Easter treat (or possibly not, creme eggs seem to be on sale most of the year these days)!  A quick crochet pattern combining cuteness with chocolate  – what’s not to like?

Click here for the pattern page:  Creme Egg Creatures

Rectangly Hat

Now available:

This hat involves a technique called double-knitting – basically knitting two layers at the same time.  You end up with a double-thickness hat, so one that will be lovely and warm and toasty.  The hat is also reversible.  If you’ve never tried double knitting before, give it a go – this pattern starts off gently with some easy non-patterned rounds to get you started before moving into the rectangular patterns.

There are lots of descriptions/instructions and a photo-tutorial to help you with decreasing for the crown.


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