Having bodged my purple/aqua batts into yarn I didn’t want to set it aside (as happens with so many of my skeins…) I was keen to see how the colour graduation worked when made up into something.

There wasn’t a great length of yarn and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it… Lorrie’s swirly artwork came to mind again, so a spiralled piece of crochet came into being:

I’ve had another spiralling rainbow crochet design in my mind since last autumn, but I need to dye some fibre and I need the weather to improve first.  I also need to think about the amounts of fibre to be dyed – this batt had pretty equal amounts of each colour, but as the spirals increase in size so the colour ends up in thinner and thinner sections.  Just need more hours in the day!


One response to “Swirly

  1. Ooohhh, that is so pretty, and I am unbelievably flattered that you used my work as inspiration.


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