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Violent Violet’s socks

Sometimes (OK, quite often) I run before I can walk. I have a good idea, which is overtaken by a better idea, then I tweak it a bit more and see further possibilities. It all gets too complicated, too ambitious and nothing actually comes of it! After a spell of ill health last summer (if you have a kidney stone, make it a small one, having a 3cm one removed is not a great deal of fun…) I thought I had found a fun project, spinning and knitting socks as a gift for someone.

It started so well, we agreed on the pattern and the colour and I set to work. These socks were going to brighten anyone’s day. The fibre became affectionately known as violent violet:

IMG_1179 Worried in case I ran short of yarn, I spun 200g of fibre into a 3 ply – making something for someone else made me feel I needed to do things “properly”, none of that chain plying, what if they felt the bumps??? So far so good.

The knitting started and then life just kept getting in the way. Then the guilt set in, they sat staring at me every time I sat down, still with just the toes completed. Another spell of ill health and more guilt because I was at home all the time and still the wretched things weren’t getting any further along.

Eventually progress was made, and after I gave myself a stiff talking-to I managed to turn the heel at Christmas. I kept thinking ‘if I just did one pattern repeat a day they’d be done by the end of the month’… I kept torturing myself with thoughts that after all the effort they wouldn’t fit – we have the same size feet, but mine are unusually narrow so every time I tried them on they flopped about and it all looked wrong!

Finally, finally they are winging their way to their new home. I hope they are worth the wait!

IMG_1885 The pattern is Coming Together Socks and Violet is not really violent at all, in fact she is generally known as Violet Merino from World of Wool.


Socks with a hug

My daughter’s off to Brownie camp today – she’s been away overnight before, but this time she’s away for three nights.  We’ve packed what feels like most of the house (and they’re in a village hall, not tents, so no camping equipment beyond a sleeping bag)!

I wanted her to have a little something if she felt a bit homesick and was inspired by this project on Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/projects/batfink/sock-buddies.  Both socks have pockets, one has a bear to hug and the other a little crochet heart tucked inside. 

I’m not sure what it will take Brown Owl and Tawny to get through the next few days – rather more than a pair of socks I suspect!

You win some, you lose some…

Being the grown-up knitter that I am (!) I did the right thing and knitted a swatch to get guage for the Leyburn socks.  Apart from anything else, I wanted to be sure that I could cope with the unusual patterning, which turns out to be quite simple but effective.

The swatch was the good news…

The bad news?  Yet again I have wrecked a pair of wooden Knit Pros.  I bought a starter pack last year and the tip of  a 4mm one split.  I just thought I was unlucky, so got out the sandpaper and blobbed a bit of clear nail varnish over the end and got on with things.  In the last month I’ve had another needle break straight off at the end which joins the cable, then, having done the tricky twisty starting stitches for toe-up-socks-two-at-a-time-on-a-circular-needle, my new 2mm needle split all the way along the grain. 😦

To end on a postive note though, the lovely Val at Woolstack has said I can return my needle for a replacement and I’ve decided to swap it for a Nova metal tipped circular – hopefully I can’t do the same sort of damage to one of those?!  So, these socks are on hold until the new needles arrive.