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You win some, you lose some…

Being the grown-up knitter that I am (!) I did the right thing and knitted a swatch to get guage for the Leyburn socks.  Apart from anything else, I wanted to be sure that I could cope with the unusual patterning, which turns out to be quite simple but effective.

The swatch was the good news…

The bad news?  Yet again I have wrecked a pair of wooden Knit Pros.  I bought a starter pack last year and the tip of  a 4mm one split.  I just thought I was unlucky, so got out the sandpaper and blobbed a bit of clear nail varnish over the end and got on with things.  In the last month I’ve had another needle break straight off at the end which joins the cable, then, having done the tricky twisty starting stitches for toe-up-socks-two-at-a-time-on-a-circular-needle, my new 2mm needle split all the way along the grain. 😦

To end on a postive note though, the lovely Val at Woolstack has said I can return my needle for a replacement and I’ve decided to swap it for a Nova metal tipped circular – hopefully I can’t do the same sort of damage to one of those?!  So, these socks are on hold until the new needles arrive.