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Here it is, in all its orange glory…


It doesn’t look too bad (does it?), it just doesn’t look like I thought it would.  Maybe I just need to put it in a cupboard for a while and get it out later when I have mastered making chocolate ice cream brown and the orange isn’t bugging me?

I dyed some more fibre today – same green and pink dye solution (using it up) and the last of the purple from the previous dyeing session.  150g of superwash merino/tencel and a silk hankie (never spun one of those before – if you have any advice, do leave me a comment).  More pictures tomorrow when it’s all dry.


I’m about to dye…

I need some fibre for the upcoming Tour de Fleece – I’ve joined Team Social and Team Schacht Spinners.  I have 300 g of BFL soaking in a bucket.  This time round, I am:

Not going to dye my feet purple (put socks on – check!)

Use a tiny tiny tiny bit of dye powder at a time.  Really.

Leave some white fibre because I want to go all pale and pastelly this time

Going to try to achieve particular colours – I made this pallette on www.ColourLovers.com.  No doubt, the end product will be cometely different, but this is the plan at the moment.  No sniggering when I post the end product please.  Especially if it turns out purple again…

Color by COLOURlovers