Bordering on insanity

Last week I finished a blanket design I have been working on for, well actually I’d rather not think about how long.  Most of the knitting was completed over Christmas (not last Christmas, the one before that).  Then came the sewing up.  Or some of it, and then the whole project got put to one side.

Spring is finally in the air and a sort out of my many projects was long overdue.  The blanket resurfaced and at last it became a blanket, not a heap of squares:

It just looked a little incomplete still.

What it needed was a border.  If you ever hear me mutter those words again, steal my needles.

After many hours I am STILL picking up stitches.  It had better be worth it – and then there are many rounds to knit and after that ends to weave in.  I’m not going to dwell on my many thoughts about how to make it ‘even better’ and the prospect of knitting more squares to test that out…


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