Spring has sprung

There are finally hints of spring, some blossom is appearing and flowers are determined to add splashes of colour to the bomb site that is the back garden.

In an attempt to help bring a little more colour to my world I dragged out my sewing machine and made something.  With a proper pattern and everything!

This fabric caught my eye.  It is impossible for it not to catch your eye 🙂

bright handbag 002

I have been looking for the perfect bag for a while and this free pattern for the Phoebe Bag looked like a good place to start.  I cut out the pieces and even used interfacing, I did a good job of pretending I knew what I was doing:

bright handbag pattern pieces

I came to a bit of a halt for a while when it got to the stage where the inside and outside of the bag need joining together.  I had visions of ending up with the closure flap being on the wrong side, or being stuck between the two layers of the bag.  It took about two days of picking it up, sticking more pins in and thinking very hard before I got the courage together to sew the seams.

Eventually, I ended up with a finished bag:

bright handbag complete

I even managed to add a pocket inside and a clip on a ribbon so that I don’t lose my keys in the bottom of the bag:

bright handbag inside

My local fabric shop has a sale on this weekend, so having got this far with my sewing machine I may see if there is any other fabric that tempts me.


3 responses to “Spring has sprung

  1. Beeeautiful bag! Congratulations on such a fine finish!x

  2. La Squawkie Squawk

    That’s fab 🙂

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