More squares

The obsession with squares is continuing – too many ideas and not enough knitting time is, as always, a problem.

I have just about overcome my dislike of garter stitch.   Somehow it now seems very squishy and just right for knitting squares.  I keep looking at sewn quilts and seeing all sorts of possibilities for making something similar out of wool. These squares

Flying Geese

will hopefully develop into a blanket something like this:

flying geese mock up

Yes, I’m cheating, I have done a bodgy copy and paste job, instead of lots of knitting, but it gives you an idea 🙂

I’ve also been experimenting with stripes, I have an idea for a baby blanket with this sort of stripe running through it:

April 2013 044

Not every square works out so well, I have a pile of pink, white and black shapes which are definitely NOT square at all, but I’m still working on them.


4 responses to “More squares

  1. La Squawkie Squawk

    Have you seen which is pretty cool to play about with?

  2. I’m delighted to have found your blog. I’m from the New Zealand part of your empire. I’m currently dreaming up a pattern to put mitered squares into a knitted top. I love your pink square with the cables. Did you knit it in one piece? Congratulations. If you’d like to see my rug in natural wools made in mitred squares take a look at my blog at

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