Easily pleased

Somehow six months has slipped by since I last posted.  Crafting has become more difficult as the various bits of my body conspire against me, but I made something very simple recently that greatly pleased me.

My daughter has reached the age where she ‘cannot live’ without a mobile phone.  Possibly she will have to be operated upon to remove it from her person at some point…  She had her eye on a rainbow coloured phone sock – which cost about £6.  The miser in me came to the fore, no way was I going to see her spend money on that when I could make one!

I had read this post about the problem of ‘icky dots’ when you change colours in knitting.  It struck a chord with me!  When colour changes look like this:

Jan 2013 033

with all the mixed bumps of colours I just can’t cope with the untidiness of it all.  OCD?  Me? (This is the inside of the finished phone case – the outside is beautiful by comparison!)

As TECHknitting suggests, the solution is really very simple.  If you are knitting ribbing and change colour, you get ‘icky dots’ when you make purl stitches .  So if you don’t want them, don’t purl, knit instead.

For my project, I was using a twisted rib – K1tbl, P1.  When the time came to change colours, I did K1tbl, K1 for that round only.  Result?  Not an single icky bump to be seen 🙂

Jan 2013 037


2 responses to “Easily pleased

  1. Mary in Jacksonvilel, Florida, USA

    Thanks so much for the icky bump solution!!!

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