Going round in circles

I have had an idea in my head for a long time about a rainbow coloured spiral.  Finally I have managed an attempt at it, using the Hilltop Cloud fibre I spun a couple of months ago – I am quite pleased with it, but can see lots more variations on this theme, perhaps with a wider spiral of colours and a thin line of black?

I’m now spinning up more black shetland fibre in the hope that I can make a plain black circle, join them together and make a cushion cover.  It’s all rare breed fibre so, if it gets finished in time, it might become an entry for the Rare Breeds Show this year.


One response to “Going round in circles

  1. I have just been doing the same thing but with homespun fibre from Lower Egypt! I only have four colours and was not happy with the result so undid it all!!! Do you ch 1 increase at each round or just keep on going round and around? And how did you create the initial spiral effect so that it radiates out?
    I love how the fibre colours merge into each other. Nice job!

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