Getting started with crochet – using a magic ring

Another photo tutorial for you… I like writing step-by-step guides!

I’m about to add a free crochet pattern which uses the magic ring technique, so I hope this tutorial will help if you haven’t tried it before.  Using a magic ring can be a bit fiddly, but it helps to avoid that irritating hole that appears in the middle of your work when crocheting in the round. 

Here’s how it works:

1  Create a ring with your yarn, making sure that the end that leads to your ball of yarn is on top of the yarn that leads to the cut end

2  Use the hook to reach through the ring and pick up the yarn

3  Pull the yarn back into the centre of the ring

4  Pull the yarn through, up and away from the centre of the ring

5  Yarn over hook…

6  …and pull through the stitch on the hook

7  You can now work your first stitch (eg, double crochet) into the ring – if you are using ‘tall’ stitches such as trebles you might want to create a chain of a few stitches first

8  Continue working stitches…    

9  …until you have the number you need for the first round

 10  Pull the cut end of the yarn (gently!) – the ring should close in and pull the stitches into a neat circle

 11 Add a slip stitch to close the round of stitches


One response to “Getting started with crochet – using a magic ring

  1. I’ll definitely have to try this, looks like a solution to those problems of having a tight ring to start work

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