Fractal Spinning

Having seen some beautiful yarns, such as this Glowing Ginger by Bowerbird Knits, I decided to try fractal spinning for myself.  I used Corriedale fibre from My Heart Exposed in a colourway named Clarese, a beautiful mix of greens, rust browns and peach tones. 

I split the fibre into two strips, lengthwise.  One length was left as it was, the other split lengthwise into two again, giving a shorter fatter piece of fibre and two thinner strips.  The idea behind fractal spinning is that the singles will have colour repeats at different rates which will give an interesting effect when plied.

The fibre started out looking like this:

and when plied became yarn like this:

I am pleased with the end result, but possibly the colours (lovely as they are) were a little too similar in tone for the fractal patterning to show as distinctly as it could have done.  I’m looking forward to making something from this to see how the colours appear when knitted – I’m imagining that it should have lots of subtle changes.


5 responses to “Fractal Spinning

  1. absolutely beautiful Catherine, love the way you’ve spun Clarese, I am sure in the knitting the fractal colour changes will become more apparent, well I hope so at least. I’ve seen more pastel shades done like that and in the yarn you cant really tell the variations in colour changes but in the knitted project the striping yarn is quite profound giving beautiful variations. I hope yours goes like that, mine too although when I will actually get round to knitting it is another matter 🙂

  2. Looks great. Any idea what you are going to make with it?

  3. I think those colours are gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. I have been reading your tutorials, and as soon as I have got some more painting done. I am going to have a go at the ring one. I would love to create something pretty and sea inspired with yarn

    • I was thinking about your art again earlier in the week, and freeform crochet would echo some of the fluid patterns you use. Another project for my list when time permits! I saw the dates for your exhibition at the Oxmarket too and will try to visit – it must be very hard work getting all of that together…

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