From Fibre to FO (a rare event)!

A couple of months ago I purchased some ‘hotchpotch’ packs of fibre from Helen at My Heart Exposed Yarns (  I used one pack to experiment with corespinning and over Christmas I put the other pack of blue shades to good use.

Another rare event happened before Christmas – I won a prize in a raffle!  It was bath goodies and came wrapped in some lovely paper:

I used the paper as inspiration for creating the yarn.  The ‘hotchpotch’ was mainly shades of blue with a bit of plum thrown in – I added some blue merino and some brown mystery fibre that I received in a waste selection from

Once carded together they looked like this:

and I even remembered to write down the ingredients:


It started to go slightly downhill from here…  The fibre was great to spin, I navajo plied it and got an aran weight yarn.  The mix of colours began to get a bit muddy looking for my tastes:

 Again, I remembered to note down some of the vital facts…

I adapted the stitch pattern from the Spiral Mitts I knitted before Christmas and made a squishy cosy cowl:

I’m still not 100% sure about the way this turned out, but hey, I actually finished something!


One response to “From Fibre to FO (a rare event)!

  1. I still think you have done the hotchpotch fibres proud here Catherine. The way you blended them with other fibres and shades, spun them into yarn then knitted them into your beautiful cowl. The combination of brown and blue tones, think health spa, mud packs, laying under relaxing waterfalls, fresh springs, clay pools of healing energy and goodness – the list just goes on of all the magical enchanted things your batts and yarn remind me of. Its all very inspiring.

    I imagine, not tried this myself but if I had a pile of blues I would blend it with pinks to give a more purple blend than health spa look. Or might even go with greens for a more oceanic feel. There are so many possibilities, its all a learning curve one which I am loving as much as you obviously are 🙂

    (( hugs ))

    thank you so much for the shop mention too, it means a great deal to me that you took the time to do this.

    Helen xx

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