21st Century Spinning

I dragged myself into the 21st century in January and bought myself an iPod touch.  Of course, step 1 was to knit it a lovely cosy to keep it safe:

I have somehow managed to lose this. (I never lose anything.  Ever…)  If you have any idea which safe place I’ve put it in, do let me know.

They say ‘there’s an app for that’ – oh yes, there certainly is!  There are quite a few for knitters – I’m working my way through some of the free stitch counter apps and working out what I like and don’t.  So far, Knit Counter Lite is working out well for me.

There are not so many spinning apps but I’m using the iSpinToolkit (not a freebie, £2.99).  It can tell me all sorts of technical things that I didn’t know I needed to know, like:

The angle of my yarn’s twist:

Its wpi:

and even the twists per inch:

I’ve been spinning for just over a year, so maybe I’m ready to move on from the ‘look I made yarn’ stage to learning more about this technical looking stuff?


One response to “21st Century Spinning

  1. Brilliant news on the new ipod Touch, I want one now so I can do the wraps per inch thing and see what angle my yarns are being spun at LOL I never really worry about those technical details, I guess I am still at the “look what I did” stage. Avidly spinning yarns for my new jumper at the moment, cant wait to show you a photo of what almost 500g on the one massive bobbin looks like plied 🙂

    (separate note : discount code up on rav for MHE if you are interested, can you pass the word around as I am trying to clear some space, thanks : )

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