I’m done with Santa…

I’ve just finished using all the fibrey goodies that I received in the UK Spinners’ Secret Santa on Ravelry.  First the pictures:

Three ply Falkland Fibre – Summer Cobbler colourway

Silk Hankies/Falkland 2 ply

The Falkland fibre spun beautifully evenly and very thinly, which I was really pleased with – I want to spin and knit something in a laceweight yarn but haven’t achieved the consistency in spinning to do so yet, so this was a big step forward.  I ended up with uneven amounts on the bobbins, so got 330 yds of 18 wpi three ply and two bobbins with a fair bit still to use! 

I plied one bobbin with the silk and navajo plied the other.  I got better at using the hankies as Iwent along but it was still rather lumpy and bumpy in places.  The resulting yarn is very light and floaty.  I don’t really like barber-pole yarn, but would try plying silk and something in the future with a closer colour match, maybe 2 plies of fibre and 1 of silk.

Thank you again Secret Santa, whoever you were – I got a lot out of your gift!


3 responses to “I’m done with Santa…

  1. This is beautiful Catherine 🙂

  2. It was me! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Looks really nice.

    • Aha! I did think I could probably work out who it was if I tried as the packaging had quite a few clues, but I never got round to looking properly. Thank you again, as you can see I had a lot of fun with your parcel – and at last you have your goodies too!

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