Rare Breeds Show 2010

I had a lovely day yesterday.  The sun shone, I enhanced my stash a bit and bought two spindles from IST Crafts. 


I started spinning using a spindle, an Ashford one that is about the size and weight of a small country by comparison to these!  I made a few spindles myself out of wooden wheel, CDs and bits of dowel and they all worked well enough, but weren’t that well balanced.  When I first got my Ladybug wheel I put the spindles to one side, but these are so pretty and spin forever.  I’ve had a quick go with both of them – I bought some oatmeal BFL/silk blend which I tried out on the drop spindle after a rather nice picnic, then tried a silk hankie on the turkish spindle (after a few hours on one layer I had to admit defeat and go to bed, leaving it for another day).

I did manage a rosette yesterday – my Shetland Fern scarf as awarded sixth place which I am delighted about!  The fancy yarn class was great, and it was a skein of coiled yarn that picked up a first place so I will have to keep in training for next year!


2 responses to “Rare Breeds Show 2010

  1. dizzyspinner

    Hi – saw the invite on your Rav profile to stop by here and say hello…..hello!!
    I have been reading and love your comments about the Ashford spindle … really made me chuckle. Haven’t heard that one before – but they are often ‘lovingly’ referred to as boat anchors !! I too am an IST fan – love his spindles and have just got one of his latest – a Russian – be a while before I get the hang of those !!

    • …and hello to you! I’ve just got a Minty Carder so have a new toy too which is generating lots of experimental fluff, and I have developed a strange addiction to glittery angelina, most unnatural!

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