Candy Floss


Another Tour de Fleece project – pink merino, BFL and sugarplum angelina carded together and spun as singles.  I did several hot/cold/hot/cold soaks to set the twist and felt the yarn slightly so it would all hang together, which it seems to have done, even if it is still a bit curly wurly!


2 responses to “Candy Floss

  1. It’s very sweet. Have you used angelina before? What percentage angelina to wool? I’d like to try it but have been a bit unsure about how much to blend in.

    • I find you only need a tiny bit of angelina – I hand carded this fibre and did a layer of merino, a light layer of BFL, about three pinches of angelina and a final layer of merino.

      I bought both the heat bondable and non-heat bondable angelina from World of Wool and the non-heat bondable one looks finer than the one used in this blend!

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