Another year older, another year wiser?

Today’s my 42nd birthday.  How did that happen, eh? 

The last year has been a real mixed bag with some almighty lows, but the odd high too.   Probably the best thing to come out of the last year is spinning. 

It’s only a year since I started fiddling around with a spindle, then I bought my Schacht Ladybug last November and used it pretty much every day since.  I have fibre falling out of boxes and bags, and skeins of handspun here, there and everywhere. 

I bought the Ladybug blind – nigh on £400 in one go, just like that – not like me at all, usually I am so careful and analyse, compare, make lists etc.  Ladybirds have featured in my life before, I painted the tank of my GS400 (motorbike) as a ladybird many moons ago – it seemed a good sign and thankfully this time round it worked out perfectly.

I’m still far too easily distracted by shiny pretty things (can you ever have too much angelina)?  I flit from one project to another, rarely achieved a truly finished project as new ideas keep on coming and interrupting.

I must take stock some time soon and see if there is any way of making spinning/knitting a bigger part of my life.  If there was a magic way of making my living doing it, perhaps it would take all the fun out of it?  Be nice to find out though…


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