More dyeing


Childfree time + Sunshine = another go at dyeing!

This attempt looks slightly more like I had in mind first time round, in that the colour is much nearer the purple I was planning.  As you can see I have gone wild and purchased a new steamer and a pack of squirty bottles, both of which made the process easier.

I mixed up some hot pink and blue dye powder in an old yogurt pot and added the vinegar.  I used a funnel to pour this mix into the bottle, then added water.  My plan was to put some dark purple stripes on the fibre, then add more water to dilute the colour and add more and more progressively lighter stripes.  Next time I will believe the instructions – the colour of the first stripe and the next diluted stripe were pretty much identical.  By the time I got to a pale purple there was so much liquid on the fibre it was swimming in the stuff, so I think it all blurred into one by the time it was cooked! 

There are some positives – I like the colour, it hasn’t felted and the dye has gone all the way through the fibre this time.  Also, I have some purple freckles on my right foot – covered up everything else despite the baking heat, but forgot I was wearing flip flops!


2 responses to “More dyeing

  1. Where did you get your squirty bottles please? I’ve only been able to find ones that are a bit too pricey.
    I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures with dyeing.

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