It’s a wrap…

This project seems to have been on the go forever.  It started it’s life back in February, when I purchased some Stoney Shores fibre from  I spun this as thinly as I could to try and get somewhere near the finishing line of Ravelry’s LimeGreenJelly group’s 800 yard race (I got just over 500 yards which amazed me, but shows I have a way to go when it comes to spinning fine)!


I decided to use this pattern  It took about 5 months of knitting here and there to get it to what I thought was the right length, and yesterday I finally cast off.  This gave me a chance to play with some more new toys – I had bought a foam hopscotch mat and some blocking pins and not had a chance to use them until now.  As you can see, it certainly grew a little:


I thought it was all done, then remembered I had ends to weave in – here is the finished article:


2 responses to “It’s a wrap…

  1. Love the scarf, the pattern looks like the embossed leaves socks I have on the needles at the moment. Spinning is absolutely gorgeous too.
    FWIW I think orangutan hiding in the tulips is

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