What’s on the wheel?

Earlier in the year I bought a pack from http://www.thefibreholics.co.uk/.  The packs give you a range of different fibre (or yarn) samples – usually about 20g from five or ten different suppliers.  There were lots of lovely goodies, but one of my favourites was called ‘To My Valentine’ by Juno Fibre Arts and I bought a full 100g from her Etsy shop.  It’s combed Wensleydale top in lovely violet and green shades and stood out because it was different from the pinks that most of the others had gone for (there was a Valentine theme to the pack).

I’m spinning away at the moment and will probably navajo ply to keep the colour changes. 

If it looks good when it’s done, I think I’ll enter the yarn in the Rare Breeds Show at the Weald and Downland Museum in July.  There is a category for ‘fancy’ yarn (I love the use of the word ‘fancy’ here, it hints that it’s not proper wool, it’s been mucked about with and is an insult to sheep).


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