Prize-winning daffodils

I recently entered a competition on, Shiela Dixon’s (the self-titled ‘dealer in addictive substances’) site – the aim was to produce something that captured the daffodils in her photo.  My entry was a first go at using thick/thin yarn with a bit of corespinning and wrapping thrown in for good measure – all things I had read about and seen elsewhere, but never had tried out myself. 

This was the end result – and it won!!

The competition was judged by Alison Daykin of, so having a professional textile designer say lovely things about my work made my day – my entry “was by far the best, almost achieving the look and feel of a daffodil”. 

My prize was £40 of goodies from Shiela’s shop – I’ve gone for some Power Scour and Fibre Wash for use with some fleece that should be with me soon, some dyes, silk and 3mm needles.  I also ordered some superwash/nylon blend fibre from which I hope to dye and spin to make socks – I ordered plenty of it as I got nowhere near enough yardage from my recent attempt at spinning sock yarn!


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